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About Growsari, Inc:

It’s quite simple really. The biggest industry in the Philippines. The biggest employer of Filipinos. Being disrupted by us. If you want to make a difference, there is no place like this.

Who we are:

Growsari incorporated is a startup like no other. We believe in hyper growth. We believe in the power of Philippines. We believe that we are best placed to disrupt the market.

Our purpose is clear – double the earnings of 1 Million Filipinos. We will make money (this is NOT a non-profit) – but we believe it will be sustainable if the whole eco-system earns more. To enable that, we are enroute to creating the best team that exists.

Our founders are veterans in this industry – they have experiences in P&G, Unilever, Boston Consulting group and have run their own businesses and consulted with the top companies in the region. We are advised by the whos who of this industry and have tie-ups with some major companies in the Philippines.

Our idea is simple, as all big ideas are:

Think about it. The sari-sari universe has over 1 Mn stores across Philippines, and is estimated to be a gateway to a $10 Bn USD market annually. These stores are the epi-centre of our everyday life, giving over 100 Mn of us daily access to our necessities. They hold strong powers of influence – often telling us what is popular and what is new!

YET the average store owner barely makes her ends meet – stuck between an increasingly demanding customer and the middlemen traders who squeeze their margins. This chain of middle-men is no different from the travel industry in the 2000s (remember travel agents?), from the middle men in the insurance industry (remember insurance agents) and many others which have gotten disrupted. Just connecting them to the company directly can add up to 50% to their earnings. And this is just the beginning – add smarter inventory planning, financial inclusion and a few others and you are looking at a transformed industry.

And so, simply put – we believe the sari-sari store owners’ time has come. We empower the store owners. We directly connect store owners to companies – using technology supported by amazing customer service.

We have run pilots, have got the tie-ups in place, but now is the time to scale up. We are entering our phase of hyper growth.

The Job Description

The backbone of Growsari will be its operations.  How customers experience what Growsari has to offer will drive exponential and sustainable growth leading to the achievement of major milestones in customer retention and loyalty.  The operations team will be tasked with setting up all systems for various internal and external teams to execute in order to ensure excellence in execution.  These include the fundamental core service of delivering items to stores, collecting cash payments, store fulfillment for promotions, activations, and other exciting customer initiatives.  Key roles will be as follows:

  1. Operational System Development
    1. Lead system development of order servicing from warehouse management to delivery execution
    2. Monitors and analyzes efficacy of current and future systems leading to continuous improvement
    3. Manages day to day activities including reports of all customer and partner related concerns
  1. Process Management
    1. Responsible for operationalizing all activities going through the warehouse and delivery team including promo fulfillment and store activations
    2. Drive various channels of execution and enable consumer teams to translate to customer communications
  1. Delivery Service Development
    1. Develop the company’s delivery model including capacity planning, route planning and cost management
    2. Train delivery teams on the company’s requirements

The work will take the shape of different challenges everyday, some big and some small.

Are you the person we are looking for?

We believe that cultural fit is the most important thing to make a team successful.

Are you stirred by big ideas? Are you looking to improve the life of over 1 Million Filipinos? Do you believe that social impact with economic sustainability is the holy grail of developmental economics? If so – read ahead.

We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who will not take no for an answer – a million people are depending on you. Not just problem solvers, but people who go looking for problems to solve. You are likely one who likes to work with people and not looking for a desk bound job.

We pride ourselves on only working with the best. Your background doesn’t matter – what you can do does. Yes we are picky, but the best team is needed to match the most powerful purpose.

Job Requirements

We believe that to be successful in this role, you should ideally have the following experiences and skills that you can bring on to the team

  • You are a creative thinker. We will push each other’s creative boundaries every day to building a stronger product and more insightful solutions
  • You are strong problem solver. As part of a lean organization, you are required often times to be able to troubleshoot on your own!
  • Able to create good working relationships with various people – from store owners, team mates, and external partners
  • Significant experience in creating and implementing various programs in operations and logistics
  • Finally, you are deeply motivated to make a difference and create a business that will be the next unicorn in the 

Basic Requirements:

  • College Degree from any course
  • Intermediate knowledge in use of Microsoft Excel

To Apply:

Send us a mail through the contact us page

Contact Us

L- 29 Joy Nostalg Center, Adb Ave., Ortigas Ctr., Pasig, Metro Manila

Globe: 09273751080
SMART: 09293587930

Monday—Saturday: 9:00AM–6:00PM

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