Product Manager

We’re hiring a product manager to come join our fast-growing team who wants to help shape the future of Sari Sari stores the Philippines. We need someone with an innovative mindset and strong organizational skills who can come up with ways to use technology, partnerships and programs to help stores increase their earnings beyond just selling consumer goods and telco.

GrowSari – Who We Are:

Growsari is helping to build the future of Sari Sari stores in the Philippines. Sari Sari stores are the largest retail channel and source of employment in the country, yet the average store owner barely makes her ends meet – stuck between an increasingly demanding customer and the middlemen traders who take away their earning potential with each sale.

This chain of middle-men is no different from the travel industry in the 2000s (remember travel agents?), from the middle men in the insurance industry (remember insurance agents?) and many others which have gotten disrupted. We use technology to connect Sari Saris to companies directly, allowing owners to add up to 50% to their earnings. Add in new types products to sell (from remittance, banking, loans, insurance, e-commerce drop off points) and new store layouts and you see the potential to transform the industry.

What you’ll do:

The work is will be a unique mix of strategic thinking and operational execution. You will get exposure to a range of business development, operations and technology development skills, including:

  • Ideating new product and program ideas for Sari Sari stores
  • Full time management of initial operations and pilots with your tech and operations partners to test if these ideas will work in market
  • Manage relationships with key partners (from the largest FMCG and Telco companies to other startups) to bring these programs to life
  • Manage the scale up of ideas that show most potential across our entire store network

What you’ll need:

  • A sense of ownership of your projects and independently manage them as you bring them to market
  • Good with people – you will have to get to know the store owners to understand their problems and how to solve them for them.
  • A persistent and problem solver attitude to be able to solve the complex and unstructured challenges we are tackling
  • An appreciation for technology and using it solve problems
  • Fluency in Tagalog and English
  • Ability to travel through greater Manila and surrounding areas

To Apply:

Send us a mail through the contact us page

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